Refusing an Airfield

Airports are important infrastructures in any city where people often travel by air. However, just like other businesses, airports can cease to be profitable or convenient for you. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced the number of passengers using planes, and this greatly affected airline businesses in the UK and beyond, according to Statista. It is for this reason that the Heathrow Airport in London was repurposed into a medical depot. In case you want a refurbishment company to repurpose your airport for other commercial activities, here are four suggestions to get you started. 

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Develop a Recreational Park

Considering the large space that an airport covers, a recreational park is a good replacement for this property. Here, you can include man-made lakes and bridges, park benches, paths, trees, monuments, and flowers in the open field. With the right landscaping, your airport fields and runways should turn into an attractive place where people can go to relax. On the other hand, you can rent out the airport rooms and space to other businesspeople who want to set up their businesses on your property.

Convert It to a Hotel

Provided you have plenty of space, you can never go wrong with a hotel, especially if there is massive traffic. Although your airport may not be designed like a hotel, the right refurbishment company will help you make the necessary changes to suit your expectations. That said, ensure you include accommodation rooms, day-care services for pets and kids, shopping centres, swimming pools, spa, gym, restaurant, conference halls, and other important elements. You can also build other smaller rooms in the open field or create an outdoor area where hotel guests can sit and relax. Even better, outdoor bedrooms are now becoming popular, and hence, having some in your airport field may be worth your while. 

Turn It into a Storage Facility

Since you already have enough space for parking and landing of planes, you can convert your airport into a storage facility. In other words, instead of having planes that ferry people land on the runways, opt for cargo planes only. Even better, the UK warehousing and storage industry is set to boom in the coming years, per the IBIS World, and as such, this may be a suitable venture for you. With this in mind, have a refurbishment company redesign your property into a place that can accommodate all types and sizes of goods and machinery. Some of the space in the open field can be for loading and offloading.  

Create a Rehabilitation Centre

Depending on the demand for rehabilitation services, you can turn your airport into a rehabilitation centre. The rooms can be redesigned for accommodation, recreation, fitness, healthcare, storage, and offices, among others. The refurbishment company can also repurpose the open field into a basic sports arena to facilitate rehabilitation as well as physical fitness. 


These are some of the ways you can repurpose your airport for different commercial activities. With this in mind, ensure you go for a reputable refurbishment company that will bring out the exact features you want in your commercial property.