About us


Weather Underground; Good site for weather conditions for Zip code 80808. Go to the select a source, toggle Friends of Schriver.  www.wunderground.com.

FLIGHT-A-WARE: Need to track a General Aviation or Commercial Flight. Pilots information for trip planning. Checkout www.flightaware.com

Airnav; Type in A50 and you can get all the information you need to stop at Springs East Airport. www.airnav.com


KIT PLANES; Interested in building your own aircraft from a kit. www.kitplanes.com .

EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT; For information about all types of experimental aircraft, this is a good place to start. www.eaa.org.

GYRO COPTERS; Interested in one of these marvelous air machines, this is the place to start. www.rotorcraft.com.

See Rotary wing Forum for all the latest discussions and videos of GYRO Copters. www.rotarywingforum.com. Todd Riek  (SEA resident) has a great video, checkout Yamaha Genesis 120hp Engine. 


Fat Wing Flyer's; Front Range of Colorado Club for PPC enthusiast. www.fatwingflyers.com.

Living The Dream; Want to learn to fly PPC's. www.livingthedream.com.

GLIDERS: for information about Gliders the Colorado Springs Area. www.highflights.com.

Young Eagles;  Aviation Program for children  8 - 17 years of age. Local Chapter is EAA72. contact Sandy Martin Email  ssmartin2@fedex.com, Web Site www.youngeagles.org.

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