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Elevation: North 6180, South 6150.  Runways:  17R  Paved 4500long X 41 wide,  17L  Gravel  4500 X 50. 35L Paved 4550 X 41, 35R Gravel 4500 X 50.  Cross wind 8 / 26 3440

Frequency 122.9. Class "G" Airspace

Springs east airport is located 20 minutes from Colorado Springs, in the heart of El Paso County. El Paso County is the second largest county in Colorado with over 600,000 residents. Denver, CO. is a 1-1/2 hour drive.  Pueblo, CO. is a 50 minute drive from the Airport. Interstate and US/State Highways provide for great North/South and East/West access to Colorado destinations from the Airport . The Pike Peak Area has many attractions; Hunting, Fishing, Equestrian Trails, White Water Rafting, Hiking, Pikes Peak Cog Railway, Auto Racing, ETC.

View from the North first picture. View from the South second picture.

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